Look Who’s Coming

Diego Elias and Amanda Sobhy

Gracing our shores next week, we have Peruvian #1 Diego Elias, and American #1 Amanda Sobhy!

The “Peruvian Puma”, is one of the best squash players to hail from South America. October’s Player of the Month, Diego stormed his way through the recently concluded US Open, taking home the title while only dropping one set the entire tournament! Currently ranked 5th in the world, Diego is seeded 4th in the MARIGOLD Singapore Squash Open 2022. Awarded with a bye in the first round, Diego is set to play on 17 November 5:45PM at OCBC Arena.

The first player to claim 3 PSA World Tour Titles at just 16 years of age, Amanda Sobhy is also the first American player to break into the top 3 rankings in the sport. Sharing her ways of becoming an amazing squash player, Amanda was formerly the Assistant Squash Coach for the Men’s Squash Team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 2017-2020. Currently ranked 4th in the world, Amanda is the top seed of the tournament, and will play on the 16th of November, 12PM at OCBC Arena.

Rowan Elaraby and Mostafa Asal (Egypt)

With 6 years of experience competing in the PSA World Tour, Rowan lifted her maiden PSA World Tour title in her first tournament. Within the first 2 years, she eased her way into the world’s top 50, and is currently ranked 7th as of today.

Awarded with a bye in the first round of the MARIGOLD Singapore Squash Open 2022, catch her on court at OCBC Arena on 16 Nov 6:45pm!

Nicknamed “The Raging Bull”, Mostafa Asal broke into the world’s top 5 at just 20 years of age. With his tenacity on court and skilful racket work, Mostafa is currently ranked 3rd in the world, and also seeded 3rd.

Also awarded with a bye in the first round, Mostafa will be competing on court at OCBC Arena on 16 Nov 5:45pm.

Paul Coll and Joelle King (New Zealand)

The first Kiwi male to become squash’s World number 1, Paul recently added a Gold Medal for the Men’s Singles event at the 2022 Birmingham Games to his collection, becoming the first male Kiwi to do so for squash.

Known for captivating crowds around the globe with his crazily energetic style of play, Paul earned the nickname of “Superman” during a crazy rally with James Willstrop, where he dived across the court thrice to win a point. The top seed of the tournament, catch Paul on court on 16th November 12:45pm at OCBC Arena!

Since recovering from a ruptured Achilles Tendon, Joelle King has been unstoppable, and climbed back into the world’s top 10 within a year. Joelle has 14 titles in her bag, including a gold medal she achieved in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Currently sitting at number 5, Joelle is seeded 2nd in the MARIGOLD Singapore Squash Open 2022. Facing a bye in the first round, catch her on court on 17th November 12pm at OCBC Arena!

Nour El Tayeb and Ali Farag (Ali has unfortunately withdrawn injured)

The first ever married couple to win the same major sports title together, Ali and Nour are inspirations to aspiring players.

Between having a baby and playing on tour, Nour has been unstoppable. Just two and a half months after having her daughter, Nour was back on court and raging to go. Serving as an example to others, many looked up as she climbed steadily up the ranks after pregnancy, easing her way back into the top 10. Currently ranked 6th in the world, Nour is seeded 3rd in the upcoming MARIGOLD Singapore Squash Open 2022. She makes an appearance on court on 16 November 5PM, at OCBC Arena.

The current World no. 1, Ali has not one, not two, but three World Championship titles to his name. Described as one of the all-time greats by Pakistani legend Jansher Khan, Farag has shown mind-blowing skill and agility on court. Seeded 2nd in the tournament, Farag will meet either England’s Patrick Rooney, or Egypt’s Omar Mosaad on court on 17 November 5:45PM at OCBC Arena.